Transfer of knowledge is a key factor to ensure the profitability of the heavy investment necessary for railway infrastructures. Success in this kind of contracts will depend on the railway operators and managers acquiring operational and technical knowledge enough so that they can operate and maintain the new railway facilities in a safe and efficient way.

We also offer our clients a service for the technical organisation of specialised courses, preparing the necessary training actions, and we could even give these courses with the support of professionals of a long experience in the matter.

Some of the main references are shown below:

  • Elaboration of the training manual for the staff members of TCDD in Turkey, Ankara-Istanbul Line. Organised for THALES
    • Signalling Manual
    • Operator Manual
    • Maintenance Manual.
  • Course on Operation and Maintenance of GSM-R Dispatcher Terminals”.
    Organised for SIEMENS NETWORKS SL
  • Course on Safety Installations, ERTMS and Auxiliary Systems for Railway Operation (2 editions)
  • Course on Railway Electrification for Conventional and High Speed Lines (2 editions). Organised for CEDEX.
  • Technical Course: “Calculation of Foundations for Telecommunication Towers”. Organised for INABENSA.
  • Specialisation Master in Railway Technologies (5 editions)- Organised for CITEF

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