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Auxitec has participated in a pilot project for Smart Cities. Specifically, we have worked with IoT technology to automate the reading of water meters in two buildings in Palencia (Spain). This information can be consulted safely and reliably by the inhabitants, as well as by the City Council and the Water Management Company. IoT technology allows a reduction of efforts and an a more easy and efficient management of water readings, as well as an increase in the quality of the users life.

Auxitec is still developing the Request For Proposal (RFP) for the CHSRA that is the responsable of the planning, designing, building and operation of the united state’s first high-speed rail system. For more information about this project, do not hesitate to visit theis website

Since june, Auxitec is developing in Azerbaijan the "Technical inspection about new power conversion, reconstruction of signalling system along Baku-Boyuk Kesik corridor and purchase of electric locomotives Purchase contract for consulting Services". Auxitec has 30 experts and engineers involve in this project between his two offices in Baku and Ganja. This important project will take 3 years to be developed.

Auxitec, with other local leaders, is collaborating in the development of the Hyperloop, We are working on a totally new mean of transportation to become one of the main European players developing this disruptive system.